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In June of 2003, Tony and Sarah met for the first time in Woodland, California. In December of that same year, they were married in San Diego, California. Over the years, many things have changed and a few have stayed the same. From starting our first company, to the births of our children, to our first move to Europe, to visiting Star Wars (Tunisia and Spain) and Game of Thrones (Malta, Spain, and Iceland) film sets, to buying our first home in Amsterdam, to renewing our wedding vows in Iceland, it has been a sometimes scary but always exciting ride.

In this section of our family website, we feature 1 picture and 1 video clip for each month to try and tell the story of our life.


This year is all about Italy... and our future there. After an extended stay in 2022 exploring southern Umbria, Tony and Sarah decided on a propery in Amelia, Orte, or Narni. Narni won out and we travelled back 4 times in 2024 hunting, purchasing, furnishing, and spending a family Christmas in the perfect 14th century property in the historic center.


Axa graduates from high school at Barlaeus! Tony starts rock climbing. We all go back to the USA for summer to attend both a Familia family reunion (Angels Camp, California) and Bringhurst family reunion (Salt Lake, Utah). Tony and Sarah celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary with a romantic trip on the night train to Prague!


Covid is finally winding down. Axa and Raj fly to California on their own while Sarah and Tony spend a romantic summer in Umbria, Italy. Axa starts her 6th (and final) year at Barlaeus. She goes on a class trip to Rome. Sarah also gets very very ill. :(


Another year of Covid. Tony takes a busines trip back to the US. We finally get to take our first vacation as a family during the pandemic (to Spain for Christmas).


The Covid Pandemic begins... Tony finally gets his Dutch drivers license. Adding two home offices. Many custom mugs.


Raj graduates from primary school and joins his big sister at Barlaeus Gymnasium. Our first ski holiday. Grammy and Pampa come for an epic roadtrip to Copenhagen. Hiking Triglav, Croatia, and caves with family friends for 2.5 weeks. Relaxing AirBnB holiday in Normandy, France.


A nostalgic holiday to Italy towards the beginning of the year and a month back to the USA as a family for the first time since we moved to Amsterdam 3 years ago.


Axa graduates primary school, Raj competes in his first fencing tournament, and Grammy and Pampa take the kids to California for the summer while Tony and Sarah have a romantic get-a-way to renew their wedding vows in Iceland.


Settling down and sinking in some roots in Amsterdam. Also, buying our first home!


Expatting Again... good-bye Florida. Hello Amsterdam!


Finally getting around to exploring the southern part of the Florida peninsula. 4th of July in Miami and South Beach. Airboat ride to find alligators in the Everglades.


Getting comfortable in Florida as we break our old record of 11 months living in the same house before moving. Three family get togethers. Exploring Disney's Magic Kingdom theme parks. Axa gets Baptized. Sarah starts a new career.


Back in suburbia USA... minor setback.


Onetime seat of the all-powerful Carthaginian empire, world class holiday destination, catalyst for the democratic revoultion across the Arab world, and the perfect mediternarian daydream from which to re-think life... Tunisia.


Back in Itany, despite our short detours to the United States and Ireland.


"A dream is like a river...ever changin' as it goes...and a dreamer's just a vessel that must follow where it goes..."


The "familia" returns to Italy to reconnect with the past and discover the future. La vita é bella.


Working hard to grow our business...and our family!


The year of change: We graduated from BYU, moved to San Diego, started a business, and then moved to Portland.


Having a baby on BYU campus and then our first grand international adventure: scuba diving, hiking, and scholarly research in the Philippines.


Our first little love nest at BYU student housing while Tony gets straight A's and Sarah jumps into The Working Life. Rosie, Hari Krishna, Thanksgiving in San Diego, and many other good things.


"The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along."


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