Raj introduces new family fun with his Nintendo Switch: 4 player party games!

Passing the winter with
bulbs :)


Introducing Axa and raj to skiing on our first Ski Holiday to France.
.click for video.

Axa's 14th birthday - SUSHI PARTY!!


Sarah gets serious about podcasting

Raj continues to develop his fencing technique


The Dutch school lottery lets Raj attend his 1st choice on his list: Barlaeus Gymnasium! We are going to have 2 Barlaeans!

Grammy and Pampa join us for an EPI ROAD TRIP through Netherlands, Germany and Denmark!


Grandma Betty and Grandpa John pop in for a visit on their way to England.

Raj's Group 8 class play: Beauty and the Beast


Raj takes the family to Efteling for his 12th birthday!

An event at our favorite, local cocktail bar: Labyrinth


Tony takes a business trip to Nigeria as part of the Dutch Trade Mission.
.click for video.

Raj gives his final Exit Point at DENISE: Graduation!


An amazing summer holiday with family friends to Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy.
(hiking below)

Hiking in Triglav National Park.


Sarah starts school again. This time a Master's Degree at Leiden University

Blast from the past: Familia 4v4 basketball including Tony (and brothers) and Pampa (and his brothers) in California, 2002


3rd Year School Survival Camp: Axa

1st Year Freshman Camp: Raj


It gets dark early in the Nordics, so we are putting up the Christmas lights early this year. :)

Raj learning to play the piano.


Mont-Saint Michel (island) Castle with Axa's friend, Eden. One of the coolest places we have ever been.

Family day trip to Paris

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