The dreamers of Tunisia set off the revolution across the Middle-East.

Riding the glass elevator: Raj's favorite activity at Saphir Palace.


Did you know Luke Skywalker's home is in Tunisia?

A 3rd century Roman Colosseum that could seat 30,000 at El Jem.


A tiny whitewashed mosque near Chenini built above a cave where seven early Christians slept for hundreds of years and finally awoke and converted to Islam.

The "Slave Quarters" where Anakin lived (Star Wars: Episode 1) were actually ancient fortified graneries built by Berber tribes.


Sidi Bou Said's stunning white-washed beach town just north of old Carthage.

The swimming suits have finally arrived... and so has the sun!


Visiting our friends Stathis and Elettra (and the Valley of the Temples) in Agrigento, Sicily.

Taking Grandi Navi Veloci (big fast boat) to Sicily to renew our visas.


"Fifteen men on a dead man's chest. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!"

Taking a ride on Layla at the beach.


The Best Roman Ruin in Tunisia - Dougga.

A daring break-in at Bulla Regia.


Creating a sense of community through children's art to battle the garbage problem.

LUCA: Our Ramadan Rescue Basenji. (more pics)


We had a little help entertaining the bobbles on the long flight back to the USA.

Back just in time for the Bakersfield State Fair


Projects at Grammy's!!

Playing with the giant bubble maker


Being silly at Murray Family Farms

Playing with ZOOBs


Another December Wedding (Hannah Bringhurst and Tim Kerns)... this time at the Oakland Temple

Axa and Raj working hard to make presents (here are the finished products, complete with DI frame and Axa's poems)

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