Making a pioneer doll at the Mormon Battalion visitors center in Old Town, San Diego.


Grammy really outdid herself with this "project"... a fruit arrangement for Axa's birthday.

Chior practice at our home on Sunday morning.


Elder "Jesse" Bringhurst goes to the Sacramento Temple in preparation to becoming a full-time missionary in the Mexico City, Mexico Mission.

Raj does the chicken dance on his new "mimi" at Grammy's house before moving back to Italy.


Cruising through Pisa on our way to our new home in Tuscany.

Scoppio del Carro - by far one of the coolest traditions ever.


We never did decide if the old city or the Arno river was more beautiful.

"Welcome home, Hannah!"


Between 771 and 1169 Fore Abbey was burnt at least 12 times by pillaging vikings and other invadors. We were content to just climb around.

Bobbing for apples as part of our house warming party.


Thanks to our friend (and capable guide) Rory, we were able to visit many awesome ruins, including this 19th century, Regency Period manor house.

Getting in and out of the ruins sometimes proved challenging.


Fortune and Ruth chose a beautiful day at Lough Ennell to be baptized. It was a special treat for Tony to participate.

Axa and Dominique seize the opportunity to dance at Patrick's wedding party.


Back in Italy picking flowers at the feet of the Bisalta.

The Merens Festival - Sampeyre, Italy.


Helping our neighbor, Beatrice, split some wood for the long cold winter.

After carefully watching for a few months, Axa decided to teach herself how to ride a bike one day while daddy was at work (and Rebecca was on vacation).


Date-night at our favorite Italian cafe... Corso serves gelato in the summer and hot chocolate in the winter.

Hitting the slopes in Limone with the bob.


Inspired by an earlier version, Pampa decided to order us an ESKIMOLD from Canada.

Village life 200 years ago in Prea, Italy on Christmas eve.

Dominique sings "Scintillavano le stelle"

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