Axa and Raj soaking in all the history on our trip to Spain

Raj jumping in the freezing ocean on a dare on holiday


Boardgames with one of
our favorite families

Sarah finally gets Italian citizenship!


Walibi roler coaster park

Cherry blossoms in the morning in Amsterdam


Tony spends part of his business trip with family, roasing hotdogs and smores at Curt and Stephanie's
new house

Protesting Russia's war on Ukraine in Dam Square


Playing billiards with Raj in Amsterdam.

As restrictions wind down, Sarah and I take one of our last "covid friendly getaways."


Jake and Angie visit
us in Amsterdam :)

Not very fun to discover a serious leak in the bathroom, but it was also an excuse for a fancy remodel!


Axa and Raj travel to the
US for the summer by themselves.
(more pics here)

BBQ and swimming with
the cousins at Sam and Cats house


A summer trip to California wouldn't be complete without visiting the Country Fair

While Axa and Raj were in California, Tony and Sarah were in Umbria, Italy
(more pics here)


Axa takes her senior school trip to Rome

Tony's covid project - completing a Master's degree in Digital Business and Innovation from VU Amsterdam


Sarah get's very ill...
the sadest and hardest
part of 2022

Sarah is invited to discuss the stages of her illness with the first year students of the VU Medical center


Axa's senior (6th year) class photo at Barleaus

Axa taking Lyra on her bike


This winter the family spent their Christmas holiday in the Amalfi Coast

But first we stayed in Rome for 2 days and also watched the Pope deliver "Urbi et Orbi" (for the people of Rome and the people of the world) on Christmas Day

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