July to August 2022 - Axa and Raj travel to California, USA  

  Axa and Raj can now travel as ADULTS! Yay! They took a direct flight to San Fransisco and back by themselves.


traveling as "adults"

first time to meet their niece, Charlotte (Curt and Stephanie's kid)

first stop -- COSTCO with Grammy

games, games, and more games

a familia traditional sport

playing with Zech and Paul

cooking with Pampa

Raj and Zech playing with Tony's childhood 'micromachine' cars

Grandma Betty took Axa and Raj to see the bats at dusk

Grandpa John, Axa, Raj, and Grandma Betty (picture at Grammy and Pampas house)

eating dinner at Bringhurst family house

more projects with Pampa

after years of bathing in the sun, Axa also decides to give "Robert Ribbit" a fresh coat of paint (see old pic)

all piled in the car (Nick, Zech, Axa, Paul, and Raj)


the Jelly Belly factory!!!

getting a desert in San Fransisco at the famous Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

swimming at Sam and Cat's house

campfire and marshmellows at Curt and Stephanie's house

hiking in Davis

California Redwoods... home of the giant trees

family time at Angels Camp

Woodland County Fair (Zech, Axa, Raj, Grammy, Nick, Pampa, Curt, Stephanie, Lissy, Charlotte, and Jake)

funnel cakes!

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