2020/2021 - Covid Friendly Getaways  

Covid lockdowns started in early 2020 and lasted until mid-2021. Thanks to Greenwheel carshare and kids who are now teenagers (and utterly uninterested in accompanying us), we were still able to take covid friendly trips. We stayed 2 nights on seven of the nine getaways.

Without pandemic restrictions forcing us to stay in the country, we would probably not have been able to discover so many new, amazing places in the Netherlands. Being able to get away every few months really helped us stay sane through it all.

February 2020 - Eindhoven
Birthplace of the global electronics heavyweight, Philips, Eindhoven is known as a technology and design hub in Europe.

June 2020 - Veluwe
The Veluwe is a forest-rich ridge of hills in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. It features many different landscapes and is an ideal place for hiking.

July 2020 - Texel Island
To get to beautiful Texel Island from Amsterdam, take the direct train (or drive an hour by car) to Den Helder. From the station hop on a bus to the ferry.

October 2020 - Flevoland
Established by the country of the Netherlands through a system a man-made system of dams and dikes to reclame the land


November 2020 - Zaandam
At one point there were over 9,000 windmills in the Netherlands, pumping water out of the lowlands, making flour, cutting wood, mixing paint, etc.

December 2020 - Scheveningen
Scheveningen is the most famous sandy beach in the Netherlands.

February 2021 - Utrecht
Known for its medieval center, beautiful sunken, tree-lined canals, and abundance of street art.

April 2021 - Zandvoort
Another sleepy Dutch coastal town west of Amsterdam.

July 2021 - Enkhuizen
Enkhuizen, an important harbor-town of the VOC, was one of the most prosperous cities in the Netherlands in the 17th century with a rich culture in fishing and trade.


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