"I am a child of God! And He has sent me here. Has given me an earthly home, with parents kind and dear."


Magnolia turns one!
(and Axa turns three)

Axa and Raj take a cruise in The Nile Queen.


Catching a nap in the Frankfort, Germany airport as we move to Italy.

Great-Grandma Fletcher teaching Axa how to play the marimba.


Nonna Anna (Grandma Anna) takes us around Lagnasco during the annual town festival, "Fruitinfiori."

Keeping in touch with the grandparents over skype.


Our new car helps us get around easily through the streets (and marketplace) of Saluzzo.

The best thing about getting raw milk from a vending machine in Italy: It's not strange here!


Cruising the cobblestone streets of Old Saluzzo.

Dominique turns 1


"Le Tour de France" took a loop through northern Italy this year . . . and right in front of our home.

Gelato Day!!


The Tour last month is
the inspiration for the bikes. Charlotte Mason is the inspiration for the setting.

Playing in the park out
front with Rebecca.


The Mayor (in glasses) invited us to his daughter's wedding this month! Read Sarah's blog for an in-depth review of the menu.

Raj dances with his banana
in Piazza Galimberti (Cuneo) before Church starts.


Sister Bringhurst (Aunt Hannah) enters the MTC in Provo before heading off to the mission field in
Tacoma, Washington.

Celebrating Grandma and Grandpa Fletcher's 150th (80+70=150) birthday at Tucano's in Salt Lake!


Sarah and Qiana herding the bunnies into Grammy's Christmas photo.

Weeks of precinct walking, calling parties, rallies, and a 14-hour election day push is finally over. Proposition 8 passed in California!


Following in our footsteps, Ben and Rachel get married in the San Diego temple.

Grandpa Bringhurst conducting the christmas choir at the Reyes' home.

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