Taking the old wooden train to Amstelveen.

Axa's first job, working at a vegan cafe.


Raj learning handyman skills around the house (end the neighbors).

Tony starts a new hobby... indoor rock climbing.


March Madness!! It's kind of a big deal at our house

Lyra enjoying one of her favorite weekly traditions of joining Tony and Sarah for Saturday coffee.


Raj sends a pic home from the Museum of Natural History in London (Charles Darwin).

Axa just doing her thing on the weekend.


A striking resemblance of Axa and Great-grandma Josephine Boudrero Fletcher (Grammy's mom)

BBQing with one of our favorite amsterdam families... the Harrisons.


Axa gets a new job and big pay bump at SMULLERS!

Axa gets the call from her mentor that she has passed all her high school exams and hangs her backpack on the Dutch flag.


Graduation pics with friends (Eden and Sofie).

A short video of official graduation at Paradiso and her mentor's graduation speech to her.


Dinner at an old fassion diner at the Familia reunion at Angels Camp, California.

Crazy 8's billiards game at the Bringhurst family reunion in Salt Lake, Utah.
(summer travelogue page)


Just some super chill street art near our home :)

Tony's first outdoor rope climbing trip (Bergdorf, Luxemburg).


Super snuggly trip to Prague on the night train to celebrate 20 years of marraige (see page)

Oldest bridge in Prague, Czechia (Charles Bridge)


Axa dresses up as 'Rosie the Riveter"for haloween... We Can Do It!

Tony's (and Lyra's) Saturday BBQ tradition


Sarah's first 'book tree' for the holidays

Christmas Market in Lille, France (travelogue page)

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