October 2023 - Prague, Czechia  

  Tony and Sarah celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary with a romantic trip on the night train to Prague - The city of a thousand spires!

We have been wanting to do the night train to Prague ever since we heard of it. And our 20th anniversary seemed like the perfect time to do it. We left Amsterdam Central station at 7pm and enjoyed a romantic evening talking over cheese and wine. We rented a private 2-person cabin and woke up to breakfast and views of the countryside.

Night train to Prague was everything we hoped it would be. No hassle to board. Comfy and nice ride. And forgot how pleasant it is to get off right at the main train station and walk direcrly out into the best past of town. We really loved it!


of course we packed cheese, wine, and DECORATIONS to celebrate!

what it looked like when the beds were down

20th anniversary themed gift - "China" (more specifically... Delftware China from the netherlands)

german countryside going by

our hotel room in the center of Prague

Prague had so many nice cafes and excellent pastries to go with coffee

it really is a beautiful city


St. Vitus Cathedral

the back of St. Vitus Cathedral

had amazing views from the towers

and a few amazing kisses (cmon... it's our 20th wedding anniversary)

The Golden Lane. Extremely narrow houses built next to the castle walls for archers protecting the walls. Now a tourist attraction.

anniversary dinner

fancy... as it should be

live concert with Vivaldi music (and others)

more nice coffee at fancy cafes

Charles Bridge... a medieval stone arch bridge that crosses the Vltava river

The Orloj was installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest still in operation

Prague is also home to many absynthe bars

the original way to make absynthe drink... simply pouring ove

one of sarah's favorite things to do in a new city is to hunt for local tea to bring home

we brought back this adorable hand made mug

our last meal in Prague beef stew in a bread bowl with warm grog
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