Axa playing in the snow at our home in Wymount.

Driving in the snow back to Provo from Sacramento (through Donner's Pass) in our Mazda.


How do I open this present?

Good morning!


The birth of a company. First stop: Baker, CA. (Ironically, there was no donut shop in 'Baker' so we got a strawberry shake from the MAD GREEK for the coach.)

I wonder what will happen if I push THIS?...


The honeymooners finaly got back to Mission Beach, where they spent two magical weeks after they were wed in the San Diego temple.

Axa wants to get in on the kissing action this month too! The lucky recipient of her affection is Grandpa Bringhurst.


Sarah and Tony both started college at BYU in 1997. Sarah finished in 2001. Tony...2006.

Axa at Del Mar Beach, San Diego.


Catchin' some rays with Grandpa Familia at the beach near our home in Torrey Pines.

The goats turned out to be Axa's favorite animal at the San Diego Zoo.


We outfit our first team!

Birch Aquarium at San Diego.


We've read about them in books, we say the noise that they make to grandparents over the phone, and now we are finally meeeting them!

Check out that hang time!


Axa helps Papa figure out the air mattress on our camping trip to the Redwoods.

Walking through the enchanted forest where "Jurassic Park II: The Lost World" was filmed.


Congratulations, Uncle Jesse, on earning your Eagle Scout!

Watching a clouded leopard at the zoo.


Overlooking from the rocky shoreline of La Jolla beach, San Diego, with Grandma Betty.

Axa entertaining the guests at Thanksgiving.


Welcome back, twins! Carissa and Nicole return home with honor from their missions to Canada and Oklahoma, respectively.

Our new house...and our old car.

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