Tony & Sarah's Pictures  

Tony and Sarah met in 2003 when Sarah returned home from her mission. Tony was the young single adult rep. He invited Sarah to family home evening, where she fell instantly in love with his wicked goatee. The young single activities got more and more exclusive, until one sunset evening, Tony proposed. The rest is family history.

Courtship and Engagement
San Fransisco, monster trucking, scuba diving, and more!

Wedding Reception

Black roses and basketball hoops, and a grove of recycled Christmas trees.

Wedding Day

White lace and promises, and rockets to heaven.


San Diego in December, or how to cook mac and cheese in thecoffee maker

First Aniversary

Reflecting on the past year and expecting our first new family member.

4th Anniversary at La Jolla Cove

We recommend Cody Holcomb if you want a romantic shoot in San Diego.

Graduating Provo...and BYU!

After both serving missions, earning degrees from the "Y", getting married, and having a baby, Tony and Sarah and ready to leave Provo FOR GOOD!

Picture Collages

Meet Tony and Sarah before they met eachother

Sarah's Childhood Pictures

Trip to Guatemala, learning to play the harp, acting in plays with siblings, fun at the renaissance fair, and much much more!

Tony's Childhood Pictures

The tooth fairy, swim team in Duri, pet monkey Suzy turtle Shelby, scouting, and a bunch of school pictures.

"Our Journey Halfway Around the World"

Tony's high school project to scrapbook his move to Indonesia with his parents and two younger siblings in the early 90s.

Vintage Video of Tony's Childhood

Vintage footage of Tony and his brothers, sister, cousins, uncles, and grandparents. Ranging from 1988 to 2003 and including basketball, baseball, sledding in Lake Tahoe, Indonesia and more!

Elder "Tony" Familia

Philippines, Manila Mission 1998 - 2000.

Kissing Selfies

Documenting our lives through kissing.

Renewing Vows in Iceland

Grammy and Pampa took the kids to California for a month during the summer, so Sarah and Tony did the only sensible they could think of: take a romantic holiday to Iceland to renew wedding vows.

Sarah gets (very) sick :(

Shortly after our holiday to Umbria, Sarah planned a short writing retreat for a few days for herself just over the border into Germany. She ended up getting very very sick...

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