Indonesia (1992-1995)  

In 1992, Mike and Josie Familia moved to Indonesia with their three youngest children (Tony, Thomas, and Curtis). They lived there for 3 years while Mike worked for CALTEX Oil Company.

While the Familia Family lived overseas, they had the rare opportunity to own monkeys (Suzy and Stanley). Watch them interact with their adorable pets in "The Monkey Video."A year after the family repatriated, Tony put together a scrap book with captions which you can also see in "Photo Album." Try to find the hidden feature which will show you how to play solitaire perfectly! Find out interesting facts about this DVD in "The Making of the Movie."

Other features on this DVD will take you on some the famimly's most exciting vacations as they travel from the tropical forest of Java to the pristine shores of Matahari. As you join them on their visits throughout Indonesia, you will hopefully get a glimpse of what it was like to live on the other side of the world...

"TWO BIG THUMBS UP!" - Sisca, Taman Safari


The original DVD Jewel case cover (all of Tony's graphic design skills follow from learning
how to use Photoshop for this project)

original menu when in
DVD format

The Monkey Video - Possibly the feature film of the DVD,
this video shows our monkeys, Suzy and Stanley, and the
luxury home that Pampa built for them.

Photo Album - A digitized version of a photo album
created by Tony of the years living in Indonesia.

Snorkling in Matahari

Bird Park

Taman Safari

Hidden Menu
(Not so hidden anymore.)
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