Tony's Childhood Pictures  

Phuket, Thialand

Northern Sumatra Rafting trip with 8th grade

Cousin Brant

Duri Swim Meet


Wayamaya Bay, Hawaii

Lissy and Grandma and Grandpa Fletcher

"Camalot" the musical

Duri bowling alley

Bday with Dad and brother Sam

first day of school, Rangely Colorado

Shelby and Grandpa Familia

school science project

Singapore American School - 9th grade

All 6 siblings. Tony is in the pink shirt. Jake (oldest) is top left. Lissy is holding Curtis. Sam is top right and Thomas is lower right.

Actis Marching Band (clarinet)

Pinewood Derby

Aberdeen Varsity basketball

with brother Tom (Graduating with Honors)

Scout Master after mission

"Close Up" student government trip to Washington DC, senior year

Aberdeen high school golf team

Eagle Project - planting 200 trees at the lake in Aberdeen

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