Raj's Pictures  

Our little man.

Preparing for Raj
Preparing our home, reading with Axa, and henna tatoos.

Raj's Birth Pictures

June 16, 2007

Birth Story

Raj's waterbirth story (written by her mommy with Raj's special hypnobirthing music playing softly in the background).

Introducing Raj to the World

From the safety of the snuggle back pack

Getting Big

Raj is scooting around and exploring

Raj's First Birthday

Raj turns 1 (and gets his first books from Grammy)!

The Next Couple of Years

Italy to Fallbrook and a little bit of Italy again.

3 to 4 Years Old

Winter in Italy and Summer in Tunisia


Flying Things

Our Little Man is really into flying things and constructs them out of all sorts of materials.

Raj in Florida

Three years in central florida.

Raj in Amsterdam

Raj growing up in Amsterdam!

1st Year School Camp

Raj begins his 6 year stay at Barlaeus Gymnasium by getting to know his new classmates at camp.

3rd Year Survival Camp

In Raj's 3rd year of Barlaeus, he went on a 4 day survival cmap with his class.


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