3 to 4 Years Old  

our little worker man helping shovel snow in Chiusa Pesio

Raj's brief moment in stardom as the lead role for a
"Mormon Message" video contest

The Valley of the Temples, Sicily

Beach Bungalow house warming party



gelato from Corso in Cuneo, Italy

stealing a kiss

Dougga, Tunisia

"the gogglers" was Raj's first ever invention

Darth Raji

notice Darth's RED light saber

Raj sporting his utility belt in front of his cardboard house

the "travel shirt" can only be worn on "traveling days," like moving

Raj designed and helped make his birthday cake

celebrating his 4th at Bouncy Land

Raj's favorite book - Playmobil catalogue. Some day he'll have the actualy toys.

Raj's first time to go under the water

riding Layla

Saphis Palace, Raj's home away from home

Ancient Carthage, Tunisia

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