Axa's Pictures  

Our little princess was born on February 5, 2005 at 10:00 p.m. Her favorite things are reading books, meeting new people, and practicing her cheesy grin. Come meet her in these pages, and you'll fall in love forever.

Axa's Birth Pictures
Axa's homebirth on BYU campus (Wymount, BYU that is).

02/02/05 - The Birth Story

Axa's waterbirth story (written by her mommy with hypnobirthing music playing softly in the background).

Welcome to the World

The first few weeks of life...and lots of visits from friends and relatives.

Amature Photo Shoots

Playing around with our new bobble and passing the time with setting up photos in our one bedroom apartment at Provo, Utah.

The First Year

Exploring the world and getting about a bit.

February 5, 2006

Axa's 1st birthday!


Walking and swimming about.

Spingtime is here!

The long, harsh Utah winter has come to an end and Axa is thoroughly enjoying the warmer weather.

April 2006

"You belong in the zoo...the San Diego Zoo!" Axa's favorite animals were the goats and the ducks.

Axa's 2nd Birthday!!

Axa gets her first baby and goes to the Oregon Zoo for her birthday with her friend.


Axa's Babymoon with Raj

Everyone comes to visit Axa after Raj is born.

The Early Golden Years

Learning violin, helping take care of the farm animals, cooking with mommy, and exploring paints.

Art Creations

House sketches, friendly trees, snails, paper snow flakes, and psychedelic caramellos.

Axa's Baptism

Our Little Princess is 8 years old already.

Axa in Florida

Three years in central florida.

3 Years in Amsterdam

Axa ends her home schooling time and attends DENISE school and Barlaeus Gymnasium in Amsterdam.

3rd Year Survival Camp

Three days and two nights surviving in the wilderness building shelters, constructing rafts, climbing, etc.


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