Chiusa Pesio  

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A quiet, misty morning in beautiful Chiusa Pesio.

Beatrice, our friend with raw milk who lives across the
street, shares a little bunny with Axa

helping clean the stairwell with Rebecca

Playing with Rebecca at the playground.

"Resta" showing up late for work (again) at the restaurant

Axa with her 1/16 violin

cute little man

Making butter from our raw milk with only a jar and a penny

The Scouts

It's peach season!

We helped decorate and man the USA booth at "Islands of the World"

Women representing Nigeria at the "Islands of the World" festival in Cuneo

Raj's first baby

helping mommy grind wheat

loaded up after making a shopping run

back from getting fruit in town

this arrangement lasted exactly one night

making/eating cookies
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