Saluzzo Storico  

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The entrance to old Saluzzo. We live at the end of this
street on the right

ready for the rain

Our home is on the second floor of the light colored building.

Some of the larger buildings must span streets because Saluzzo is built on a hill.

Il Nilo. Our "comfort food."

Axa running to her favorite park across the street from Hotel Griselda.

take a closer look at Saluzzo

Everything from buildings to garbage cans bear the Saluzzo "S" all over town.

gelato is different from ice cream because it is made with milk (instead of cream), it is served at a warm temperature (more flavor, but melts faster too), and doens't have any air whipped into it.

Loreana's. The best Gelataria in Saluzzo.

Hotel Griselda. We stayed here for 3 weeks when we first arrived to Saluzzo.

Curtis Familia: "There are two kinds of food. Food with cheese and food without cheese!"

Market Day!

waiting patiently for her turn at the Saturday market

The Castle

Sarah's favorite bread shop
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