Whirlwind tour before moving to Italy  

lunch with Hanna and Sam at the Cougar Eat

reading with Uncle Curt (formly Uncle Kiki)

playing the marimba with Great-greandma Fletcher

playing the guitar with Uncle Jesse

cousin Nick

Aunt Lissy

watching a movie at Noey's house in Salt Lake

picking oranges with Grandpa Bringhurst

reading with Aunt Hanna

with Grammy at the Getty Museum (Los Angeles)

cousin Mike

Easter Sunday at Church with Great-grandpa Fletcher and Aunt Shaley

Aunt Qianna and cousin Ryan


cousin noey

at Grandma Betty's home in Woodland, CA

at BYU with Sam and Hanna

sorting buttons on Grandma Betty's bed

Uncle Curtis

Grammy and Pampa (at Heidi's home in Logan)
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