7/21/2005 - Grandparents' Edition  

  As Grandpa Bringhurst found out at 4 a.m. a few days ago, Axa has beensick. She is doing fine now, so don't worry. On Saturday we wereeating pizza and we noticed that she seemed to be breathing funny andacting unusually fussy. We called Grandpa Bringhurst and on hisadvice, decided to take her in to the hospital.

Over the next night and day, we took her to the hospital twice morebecause she was running a fever of 101. Knowing Axa, it was not asurprise that whenever we took her to the hospital (full of smilingnurses and doctors all paying attention to her) she smiled around anddidn't act sick in the least. We finally realized that when we thoughtshe was having trouble breathing, she was really just grunting as shemade a bowel movement. Two X-rays, a urine sample, and four doctors'exams later, her paranoid parents were finally convinced that she wasnot deathly ill, and we took her home, snuggled her nonstop for thenext few days, and took her temperature about every 20 minutes to makesure it wasn't sneaking up behind our backs. We're not sure what shehad. But after a lot of sleep and nonstop nursing and generalpampering, she back to her own cute self. Mommy was sick yesterdaytoo, we think with the same thing, but she's on the mend now too. Wehope Daddy doesn't get sick.

Anyway, a special thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Bringhurst forindulging several slightly panicked phone calls at odd hours of thenight. Don't worry, your granddaughter is back to normal now. We'veattached a picture of her at the height of her sickness (with the wetwashcloth on her head and the big smile), and checking hertemperature. We'll see you in a few weeks!

Tony, Sarah and Axa


sick baby
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