5/2/2005 - Mabuhay! (Greetings!)  

  We arrived safely to the Philippines about four days ago and are having a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures for you. We will tell you all about it when we get home.

We miss you all and wish you were here!

Tony, Sarah, and Axa

p.s. - We will send pictures like this every so often. If you don't want them filling up your inbox, please let us know and we will stop sending you emails for now and just show them to you and tell you about the trip when we get home. We won't be offended! :)


Axa with her passport and
Tagalog textbook.

Top Left: Sarah and Axa (in the wrap) posing with a security guard at Jose Rizal Park.

Top Right: Taking a horse and cart through Intramuros in Old Manila.

Bottom Left: Axa taking a nap at Pensionne Natividad.

Bottom Right: Eating at a carinderia with chairs and tables set up right in the street.
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