October 2021 - California, USA  

  The covid pandemic forced everyone to work from home and prevented all travel.

However, there was a short reprieve just before the Delta and Omircon variants when restrictions were lifted. During this brief window of opportunity, Tony managed to make a business trip to the US. Not only did he get to see the whole Familia family in California, but he also arrived just a few days after the birth of baby Charlotte (Curtis and Stephanie).


hello San Fransisco traffic

Infoblox office in Santa Clara, California

Infoblox enablement team

hanging out in the back yard

meeting cousin "Anthony" (Glen's son) for the first time in person

Curt, Jake, Sam, Lissy, Tony, and Tom (left to right)

walk with the fam in Wild Wings

picking up a bed for Lissy's new apartment with Paul, Curt, and Zech

tell me you are in a US grocery story without telling me you are in a US grocery store

Board Game CITY!!

board game time = family time

etc etc

Uncle/Daddy Curt

sibling love <3

Curt and Stephanie's baby Charlotte. 4 days old.

Dutch Bros drive-through coffee. BAM!

Sam's dog (and pool)

Curt and Stephanie's dogs, Hamilton (left) and Barnaby (right)

"Big portions. 5 stars!" :)
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