Croatia - Istrian Peninsula  

  After our emotionally and physically overwhelming experience hiking in Slovenia, we were in need of a much deserved rest. The small hilltop town of Draguc, population 46, was the perfect place


our own pool with a view for the holiday

delicious home-made Grappa from our host family welcomed us to our AirBnB

indoor/outdoor living

let's play ball, daddy!

By reservation only: the lone restaurant in Draguc

BBQ man


Lipika, Slovenia

Sarah and Tony take a day trip alone to Lipika, Slovenia

origin of the Lipizaner horse breed (think olympic dressage)

founded in 1580, it is also the oldest horse farm in the world

Trieste, Italy

dropped by Trieste on our drive back from Lipika

Sarah in Trieste today

Sarah in Trieste 10 years ago

Pula, Croatia

Pula is one of the oldest and most visited cities on the Istrian peninsula

Beethovin's 9th symphony at the local colloseum? yes please

Rabac, Croatia

beach day(!) on the southern coast

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