Hiking in Slovenia  

  We started and ended our holiday in Slovenia. When we first landed, we picked up our rental cars and first went to see Lake Bled. After spending a little time walking around the lake, eating some pizza, and trying one of the local beers, we made our way to our first hut. The rest you can see in photos below. :)


Instagram stories exported to video ;)

crystal clear Lake Bled

Lasko Beer. locally brewed

Our re-vised hiking plan. See elevation below. Triglav (which we did not climb) is also marked.

A list the huts (the WHITE DOTS on the map to the left) we stayed at.

1st "Hut"

2nd Hut

The labels on these mattress said "Made in Yugoslavia"... which was no longer a country as of 1992. In other words, they were OLD!

The hike was amazing, but we severevly underestimated the difficuly level... like... SEVERELY!

3rd Hut in sight.

always space for a nice card game

communal sleeping area

4th (and final) Hut

Not the most AMAZING pasta bolagnese, but maybe it was. It is hard to tell after a straight diet lentil or caggabe soup. :/

Lyra was a champ... and she is DONE
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