Road Trip - Denmark  

  The final leg of our journey was to take our car on a ferry to Denmark. There was much to do and see in Copenhagen, after which we stayed a little while at a cozy cottage overlooking a bay filled with swans each evening for a gorgeous sunset. For real, this place was amazingly beautiful! The pictures to not satisfy. We will definately return.


goodbye Germany... hello Denmark

Steel House hostel

just some cool archtecture in Copenhagen

story time with Grammy

Axa and Raj catch a newly released AVENGERS: END GAME

Rosenborg Castle - featureing 400 years of splendor

Church of Our Lady... Mormons might recognize this version of the Christus ;)

one of our many, yummy cafe meals

No, this is not Amsterdam ;)

The Little Mermaid - famous Denish artpiece

our super snuggly cottage on the water

Raj, the barefoot explorer

this place was impossibly beautiful!

awwww, these moments still happen sometimes :)

more thatched roof

of course we brought the little baby with us!
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