Road Trip - Germany  

  Our road trip portion of the holiday begins. The theme (thanks mostly to Sarah), focuses mostly on Baltic Sea Trade and the Hanseatic League, a commercial and defensive confederation of merchant guilds and market towns in Northwestern and Central Europe. Officially formed in the early 12th century by two of the largest trading cities in the region, Lubeck and Hamburg, the league came to dominate Baltic maritime trade for three centuries along the coasts of Northern Europe.


First stop: Zutphen. Founded by the Franks during Roman times, it is a Hanseatic city and has been inhabited for about 1700 years.

St. Walburga's Church dates to the 16th century

... and has one of the last remaining "Chained-book libraries" in the world

Grammy brought journals to document our trip. Today's sketch... by Axa

Pampa :)

Climbing down from the bell tower in the old church.

Staying at a cute AirBnB within striking distance of Hamburg.

down time

Pampa's famous grilled kebabs!

Windmill with tratitional thatched roof

farm fresh, roadside potatoe stand

Grammy's journal entry for today

St. Michael's Church, whose iconic copper bell tower is the symbol of Hamburg

Lubeck! leading city of the Hanseatic League and UNESCO World Heritage Site

Tony cramming for his latin finals...

Axa is done with museums today...
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