Road Trip - Netherlands  

  After meeting Grammy and Pampa at the airport, we spent a few days at our home in Amsterdam visiting a few of our favorite places, including walking to the nearby Vondelpark. With the many museums in Amsterdam, we had never taken them to the Maritime Museum. However, as our road trip featured the maritime trading cities of northern europe, this was the perfect opportunity to visit Tony's favorite museum of Amsterdam.

Not part of the theme of this trip (but in full spring bloom) we needed no excuse to take a trip to the Keukenhof, one of the most famous Dutch tulip gardens.


VondelPark, one of our favorite Amsterdam locations

we missed you, Grammy!

chilling in our tiny Amsterdam apartment

One of our favorite museums in Amsterdam, The Maritime Museum.

in the hull of a real-life, floating Dutch East Indies replica ship

Virtual Reality tour of how Amsterdam harbour used to look

The Keukenhof! Dutch tulips at their finest.

Lyra :)

Cute Dutch couple

and of course... kissing selfies!

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