May 2018 - Piemonte, ITALY  

  It had been a while since we came back to our Italian roots. On this trip, Sarah and the kids spent the first few days sightseeing in Turin while Tony was officially on a "business trip". After that, we headed down south a little to see the old sights: Lagnasco, Saluzzo, Melle, and then stayed in Chiusa Pesio for a week in a cute country cottage.



the mighty Po River flowing through Turin

more Po


skyline of Torino with the Mole in the distance

even italian graffiti is beautiful

exploring Torino

the Raji-man :)

eating a traditional Piemontese meal... pretty heavy

Lyra is ready... and little bit sceptical

Lyra: "You order... I don't speak Italian"

Bicerin (how Turin does hot chocolate): espresso coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, milk cream.


The Saluzzo seal

throw back photo from the street we used to live on here

one of our favorite pics from the old days

there are few cities which are so photogenic

perfect way to end a perfect day

Chiusa Pesio

"The House of the Swallows" - our AirBnB home for the week

the view from our window

Axa gets to pursue one of her favorite past times... snake hunting

cute little Lyra

There was one minor hiccup in the trip... Tony forgot his driver's license and we didn't have a car for the first little while :/

beautiful Chiusa Pesio

Axa in Chiusa Pesio, when we lived here 10 years ago

a trip to northern Italy would not be complete without a drive past our ancestral roots in Melle

...and gelato, of course

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