2016 - Malta  

One of the most surreal Mediterranean daydreams. Lyra's first family vacation! Rich with ancient and modern history and full of idyllic coastline.

Hiking in Mellieha and the Aquarium
We have been looking forward to our Christmas trip in Malta for months. Things got off to a good start...

Valletta and the Knights of St. John
In 1530, Charles V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, gave the Island of Malta to...

Midnight Mass in the Cathedral and Bethlehem on Gozo
I didn't think we could outdo the experience of Midnight Mass in the Cathedral of Granada last year...

Hagar Qim, Marsaxlokk and the Dingli Cliffs
One of the most, shall we say, exciting things about Malta is driving. They label roads here like other countries label cigarettes...

Mdina and Rabat
Mdina and Rabat (in Arabic, literally “the city” and “the suburbs”) are what used to be the happening spot...


Boating and Horseback Riding
Malta abounds in natural beauty, and how better to see it than from a colourful Maltese fishing boat or the back of a horse?

Ghar Dalam Cave and Hiking the Marfa Peninsula
Our Malta trip was winding down, but we still had one item left on the sightseeing list...

Malta – Postscript

It's called melata honey, and has the distinction of having passed through the bodily orifices of not one, but two different species of insects.

Tony's First Tattoo

Yes, he did it. While we were in Malta. And it was the most romantic thing ever.


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