Our first real family vacation after moving to Amsterdam. Madrid, Toledo, Lecrin Valley, Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, and everything in between... including Christmas!

After a drizzly few months of autumn and winter in Amsterdam, nothing sounded better than Christmas in Spain.

The morning after our day at the Prado, we got up bright and early and had the iconic Spanish breakfast: hot chocolate and churros.

Lecrin Valley

Back when we were first planning our Christmas trip to Spain...


The next day was forecasted to be the hottest of our vacation, so we determined to spend it at the beach. However, I couldn't resist...

The Puke Drive

It started out with morning coffee...


You may be surprised to hear that our trip to Spain was virtually unplanned.

The Sierra Nevada
So we decided to use our super slow internet to do some last minute research on hiking trails in the area.

Cordoba's historic centre is my favourite in Spain.

Christmas Eve
It just so happened that two other families from the children's school were also vacationing in Spain this year.

The Sevilla Cathedral had a special kids tour, so Raj tried it out, and was unimpressed.


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