IKEA House, Amsterdam  

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We decided to buy a 1 bedroom, 72 square meter
(775 feet) apartment near Vondelpark and renovate
it into a 3 bedroom "IKEA House", rather than living
outside of the old Amsterdam ring

receiving a bouquet of flowers from the previous
owners... a lovely Dutch custom

outside view

(pics surrounded by grey are PRE move in)

refinished outside planters

dining room

now our cozy living room (designed by Sarah)

Sarah's workspace against newly built divider wall

piano and a framed print of THE KISS... to make a house into a home ;)

original kitchen

using every inch of floor and wall space... a common theme throughout our IKEA home

we try to bring back a magnet for our collection from holidays

kitchen designed to feel like a cafe

tiny, shared back yard

transformed into BBQ CITY :)


demo extra entryway door to make room for shoes and coats

view from front door... notice Temple stained glass custom made by Grammy :)

shameless bathroom selfie

New York themed bathroom

original living room

turned into master bedroom

ground floor corner unit and former bakery means lots of windows!

Covid forced us to get more creative with the space, so we made a "Starless Sea" themed office for Sarah by putting our bed on stilts

video of our bedroom renovation

photo showing the large room before we put a wall up to create living room and extra bedroom

and from opposite end

we eventually opted for more seating in our living room

and a mini-gym too, of course

trap door to extra storage (used to be a cellar for bakery)

used as a soundproof drum room by former tenants

of course we remodelled to turn or 1 bedroom home into a 3 bedroom home

Raj's room - THE DUNGEON

complete with Raji-man's canal house collection

Grammy and Pampa visited us just after our offer was accepted on the house

(Pampa helped do some remodel work in both Axa and Raj's rooms on the following visit in 2017)

new door, who dis?

the cracked window was replaced with a double pane window and ventilation was added

added a proper desk for Raj when he started Barlaeus

only bedroom in original design

getting creative to allow both kids in same room while we finished the basement for Raj

Axa's bed (mini couch pulls out for second bed)

Axa's room post lockdown renovation

one of the quirky things about this house... everyone has to go through Axa's room to take a shower

accent wall and modifications after Raj moved downstairs (per Axa's design requests)

we take this sign literally

Tony needed a permanent workspace during covid

video walk-through of the renovation

original bathroom... toilet is in the front hallway

Sarah's genius laundry system (and adding more storage space)

a wedding gift that we still love and use

Paper mache fitting from ETSY - UK

(Sarah designed almost every aspect of our home... including lighting.)

antique glass insulator used on old telegraph poles in America to insulate phone/electrical wires (drilled and retrofitted to become a light fixture)

matching glass mosaic wall sconces, handmade from Turkey

glass bottle with bottom cut and fitted with bulb for our ocean themed bathroom - ETSY, SPAIN
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