Onetime seat of the all-powerful Carthaginian empire, world class holiday destination, catalyst for the democratic revoultion across the Arab world, and the perfect mediternarian daydream from which to re-think life... Tunisia.

In Search of the Jedi
A visit to Tataouine, which Lonely Planet describes as "the spiritual home of STAR WARS."

The Road Back from the South
Chenini, the Seven Sleepers, and El Jem.

Bardo National Museum

Major collection of Roman mosaics and other antiquities of interest from Ancient Greece, Tunisia, and from the Islamic period.


Ancient Carthage
Carthage is, in fact, still inhabited. We go there every Sunday to visit our friends who work at the embassy.

The Best Roman Ruin in Tunisia - Dougga
Dougga is a really fun visit, because it is so huge, and so complete. You can wander through the streets and feel almost like you are a Roman.

Bulla Regia (and Tabarka at sunset)
Bulla Regia is notable for it's underground luxury and beautiful mosaics that have been found there, many of which are on display at the Bardo Museum.


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