2005 - Share our adventures as we scuba dive, research manufacturing companies, and ride the Superferry.

Gold Bluffs Beach

2006 - A trip down memory lane, and three days camping in a remote, beachside campsite on the Northern California Coast.


2007 - On the advice of a friend in Vancouver Washington, who was from Vancouver Canada and had been to Vancouver Island before, we spent the day in Vancouver (the city)...

Piedmont, Italy

2008 - Our first trials, follies, and ecstacies as we suddenly decide to follow our hearts to Italy. For an off-the-cuff international move, it wasn't all that bad.

London and Trieste

2008 - A simple trip to the London Temple and back turned into a trek to Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. On the way home, we got a surprise bonus visit to Trieste, Italy's Eastern European city by the sea.

Milan, Italy

2008 - A glimpse of world-class opera, a 13th century cathedral finished by Napoleon, and plenty of high fashion, inside and outside shop windows.


2011 - Picturesque whitewashed mosques, ubiquitous Roman and Carthaginian ruins, ancient Berber graineries and subterranean dwellings (which also doubled as film sets for STAR WARS)... and more.

Sicily, Italy

2011 - A short trip to visit our frieds Sicily by boat (and to renew our visas). It also included spending a day in Palermo, visiting the Valley of the Temples, and LOTS of gelato!

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